Meeting Materials

Presentations, agendas, recordings and other meeting materials from Metro Vision Issues Committee and Board of Directors meetings are posted here the business day after the meeting--please click on the name of the meeting to access the audio and video files. These materials are also available through the event calendar, as are agendas and materials from other meetings.

Date Title Materials
December 5, 2018 Board Work Session
November 14, 2018 Board Work Session
October 17, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon 2018_Oct_17_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon REVISED_Metro_Vision_performance_measure_report.pdf, PDF icon Westminster.pdf
October 3, 2018 Board Work Session PDF icon Oct_3_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
September 19, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon Sep_19_2018_Board_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Mobility_Choice_Blueprint.pdf
September 5, 2018 Board Work Session PDF icon Sep_5_2018_Board_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
August 15, 2018 Board of Directors
August 1, 2018 Board Work Session
July 18, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon July_18_2018_Board_of_Directors_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2020-2023_TIP_Policy_July_2018.pdf, PDF icon Active_Transportation_Plan_Update_July_2018.pdf, PDF icon Citizens_Academy_July_2018.pdf, PDF icon Regional_BRT_Study_July_2018.pdf, PDF icon SB18-001_Multimodal_Options_Fund_July_2018.pdf
June 27, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon June_27_2018_Board_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2020-2023 TIP Policy Update.pdf, PDF icon CDOT_Transit_Development_Program.pdf, PDF icon Regional_Planimetrics_project.pdf
June 6, 2018 Board Work Session
May 16, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon May_16_2018_Board_Agenda.pdf
April 4, 2018 Board Work Session PDF icon April_4_2018_Board_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
March 21, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon Mar_21_2018_Board_of_Directors_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon TIP Regional Share Framework.pdf, PDF icon Smart Mobility CDOT Presentation.pdf, PDF icon MV and 2040 MVRTP Public Hearing.pdf
March 7, 2018 Board Work Session
February 28, 2018 Doubled-Up and Dealing with It: Responding to Shared Housing Arrangements File 2018_02_28_Doubling_Up_DE_TP_TA_FINAL.pptx, File 2018_02_28_DRCOG_Presentation.pptx, PDF icon 2018_02_28_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2018_02_28_Speaker_Bios.pdf
February 7, 2018 Board Work Session PDF icon February_7_2018_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Subregional Forum presentation.pdf, PDF icon MV_Amendments_Feb_2018_Board_Wk_Sess_Info.pdf
January 17, 2018 Board of Directors PDF icon Jan_17_2018_Board_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Safety Targets presentation.pdf, PDF icon 2020-2023 TIP Regional Share Framework Eligibility and Funding Split Allocation.pdf, PDF icon 2016 Annual Congestion Report.pdf
January 3, 2018 Board Work Session
December 20, 2017 Board of Directors PDF icon December_20_2017_Board_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Regional_Share_Framework_presentation.pdf
December 6, 2017 Board Work Session
November 1, 2017 Board Work Session PDF icon 2017_Nov_1_Board_Work_Session_agenda.pdf
October 18, 2017 Board of Directors PDF icon October 18 2017 Board Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Metro DNA Presentation.pdf, PDF icon TDM Attach 3 Set-aside presentation.pdf, PDF icon Safety Performance presentation-Brd Oct 2017.pdf
October 18, 2017 Keep it Local: Building Community (Wealth) PDF icon Agenda_MVIE_2017_10.pdf, PDF icon Speaker_Bios_MVIE_2017_10.pdf, PDF icon ULC_MVIE_2017.pdf, PDF icon CO_CLT_MVIE_2017.pdf, PDF icon Walk2Connect_MVIE_2017.pdf
October 4, 2017 Special Board Meeting PDF icon 2017_10_04_Board_Agenda.pdf