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Public engagement and idea exchanges

One person is talking and pointing while another person listens.

How do I find out more about public engagement?

Want to learn more about local and regional events and work that carries the shared aspirational outcomes Metro Vision forward? Discover initiatives that need the support and contributions of local residents like you to be successful!

Idea exchanges

Great ideas from around the region

Local governments and other partners are already at work to implement Metro Vision, advancing the region toward desired outcomes in ways that best fit local circumstances.

Communities can learn from each other’s ideas and experiences in dealing with common challenges or taking advantage of similar opportunities.

DRCOG offers a forum

Metro Vision Idea Exchanges allow land use and transportation planners, local government staff, the region’s residents and other stakeholders to share information and ideas of importance to the Denver region. These forums identify areas of local and regional success worth continuing, as well as emerging and ongoing challenges that require action. DRCOG hosts four to six Idea Exchanges each year. Topics range from transportation accessibility and housing market trends to water planning and public health policy.