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Caregiver services & support

An older adult man of Asian descent and an older adult man of Black descent embrace each other.

The Caregiver Services and Support team assists caregivers in accessing resources in the community. This program is designed to support caregivers in all stages of the caregiving journey. The program offers caregivers educational tools through the Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes and coaching through the Pearls program intended for caregivers aged 60 and order with mild to moderate depression.

The Area Agency on Aging is the Denver area’s designated organization which provides comprehensive services, essential support and compassionate advocacy to address the needs of the region's population of older adults and people living with disabilities.


Do you provide care to:

  • Individuals aged 60 and older?
  • Individuals of any age with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders?
  • Or are you aged 55 and older providing care to adults ages 18-59 with disabilities?

This six-week class gives participants confidence and support to better care for the caregiver and the client.

The classes give caregivers tools to:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Manage time, set goals and solve problems.
  • Better communicate
  • Make tough decisions.
  • Locate helpful resources.


The Program to Encourage Active Rewarding LiveS sessions is designed to help caregivers regain control of their daily lives and solve problems.

Are you a caregiver who's feeling down or blue? Or maybe you no longer find pleasure or interest in favorite activities. The Denver Regional Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Services is offering a no-cost, in-home counseling program. As a person ages, often the losses experienced, such as death of a loved one, and loss of independence, physical health as a person ages can lead to feelings of loneliness, sadness, frustration, irritability, anxiousness or restlessness. If the feelings are left unattended it could lead to depression, a common, yet, treatable condition. Depression, even minor depression, interferes with how a person functions, interacts with others and overall quality of life.

Program participants will learn kills to manage unpleasant feelings and improve their quality of life.

To learn more about the Caregiver Services and Support program, contact 303-480-5656 or email caregiversvcs@drcog.org.