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Open records

Hands pulling a folder out of a file cabinet and thumbing through the file.

In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act, DRCOG shall make all public records open for inspection, except as otherwise specifically provided by law.


The law allows the custodian of public records (Executive Assistant/Board Coordinator) to formulate rules and regulations with reference to the inspection of public records which protect the integrity of the records and limit operations disruptions caused by access to the records.


  • Public records shall be made available for public inspection at reasonable times and copying with three working days of receipt of a request.
  • If extenuating circumstances exist, this time frame may be extended to seven working days.
  • The fact that DRCOG has limited space, personnel and time to process records requests mandates reasonable rules are observed.
  • All requests for public records must be made in writing (see Public Records Request Form).


If the request is determined not to be within the guidelines of the Open Records Act, a written statement will be issued to the requester explaining the legal basis for not making the requested records available.

Copies requested

Fees may be assessed for requests that require paper copies or staff time in excess of $100.00 in accordance with the Colorado Opens Record Act. Please contact contracts@drcog.org for a fee schedule. Fees must be paid at time records and/or copies are made available. Fees will not be charged without prior written notification.

Payment: DRCOG accepts payment in the form of check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to the “Denver Regional Council of Governments”

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By law, DRCOG has three (3) working days to provide documents for in-office review or to supply copies of requested documents that are open for inspection. Every effort will be made to produce documents before that time. In extenuating circumstances, up to seven (7) working days may be necessary to respond to a request.
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