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Denver Regional Crash Data Consortium

wo firefighters standing on a road in front of the smoking wreckage of a semitruck.

Photo courtesy of CDOT.

Crash data serves as the cornerstone of transportation-related planning and policymaking in the region. Obtaining accurate crash data promptly and sharing it collaboratively with local governments, safety-focused interest groups and the public could inform decision-making to ultimately significantly reduce serious injuries and fatal traffic crashes in the Denver region.

Denver Regional Council of Governments staff are dedicated to enhancing the accuracy, use and coordination of crash data on a regional scale.

Under a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under section 405(c) to research and demonstrate the importance of a regional crash data consortium, DRCOG staff convened regional stakeholders to understand how crash data is used and the challenges faced by regional users in accessing and interpreting the data.

The insight staff gathered will inform recommendations aimed at sustaining the consortium and enhancing regional crash data records. 

Learn more about crashes in the Denver region:

To learn more, contact senior planner Erik Braaten at ebraaten@drcog.org or 303-480-6711.