Apply for Citizens' Academy!

Join DRCOG and leaders from the region and learn how to be more engaged in your community. Citizens' Academy is a seven-week course where you'll learn how to be more civically engaged. Submit your application today!

No Copay Radio

Curious about health trends in the region? Check out DRCOG's own Jayla Warren-Sanchez on the weekly radio show she co-hosts with Murphy Huston where they interview the region's foremost experts on health. Check out recent segments and subscribe here.

Humana Walmart RX Medicare Alert

If you were enrolled in the Humana Walmart RX Medicare plan in 2019 and rolled over to Humana Premier, you might be eligible to switch to a different, lower-cost plan. Call SHIP at 303-480-6835 to discuss your options.

Join Winter Bike to Work Day!

Put on your coat and hat, and join us Friday, Feb. 14, for Winter Bike to Work Day! Commute to your office by bike and reduce traffic congestion while improving air quality. Find us that day at the Way to Go booth on 15th and Cleveland!

Quarterly Managers Forum

February 27, 2020

Join us for a quarterly meeting just for city and county managers. We’ll enjoy a catered lunch and discussion with DRCOG staff and partners, and learn how their work affects your communities. We'll also have time for your insights, questions and suggestions for future discussion topics!

Executive Committee

March 4, 2020

Board Work Session

March 4, 2020