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Tools & resources

A line of cars waiting at a red light in Downtown Denver. A person riding a bike is approaching the red light. There is snow on the ground and commercial buildings in the background.

Trip planning tools

Tired of playing bumper-to-bumper cars during your commute? Find out where the hold-ups are before you leave. Way to Go has the resources you need to find trouble spots along your commute. Visit the links below to find up-to-date traffic, construction and road closure information and make your ride a lot smoother.

My Way to Go

Travel Information

COTrip.org: Get travel information about current road conditions on Colorado’s interstates and highways and weather information.

High Occupant Vehicle Lanes: Learn more about the High Occupant Vehicle lanes and Express Toll lanes in the Denver area — including a map and rules and restrictions.

Go170.com: The I-70 Coalition is excited to offer GoI70.com, the resource to help you plan a delay-free trip, and learn other ways you can be a part of the I-70 solution. Do you want to know the best resources to get real-time road and traffic information? Want to know the best times to travel I-70, find an extra rider to share expenses, get info on a ski bus, or a good deal on dinner or an overnight stay? Explore GoI70.com.

Mapquest:  Avoid traffic in and around the Denver area using maps and traffic cams showing accidents, construction delays and current road conditions.

MyWaytoGo: Way to Go's trip planning tool gives you the ability to find carpool partners, vanpool routes, the best routes for biking, walking and transit trips. Set up favorite trips for places you go regularly, like work or school. Track your trips to see how much money you save and your impact on the environment!

Regional incentives

Geographic Target AreaModesDetailsDates ActiveContact
Boulder City LimitsVanpoolCurrent and new Way to Go and VanGo vanpool riders, who live or work in Boulder, are eligible to receive $20 per month reimbursement.2018– presentBoulder Transportation Connections info@bouldertc.org
Boulder City LimitsTransitBoulder compaies with 11 or more employees can receive 50% reimbursement for new Regional Transportation District EcoPass contracts for the first year and 25% off for the second year. For companies with 1-10 employees, the reimbursement is $60 per employee the first year and $30 reimbursement the second year.OngoingBoulder Transportation Connections info@bouldertc.org
Regional Transportation DistrictVanpoolWay to Go provides a subsidy for vanpoolers who travel in or through the Regional Transportation District, for up to 60% of the cost of their van. Vanpoolers pay a flat, per-month fee based on the distance the van travels and the number of passengers in the van. The fee covers all commuting expenses — including gas and insurance.OngoingWay to Go WayToGo@drcog.org