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A Regional Transportation Bus stopped at a red light with people walking on the sidewalk adjacent to it.

Step right up to a commute to save money and stress!

Hop aboard transit and save money while improving the environment. Way to Go can help plan trips using public transportation options like the Colorado Department of Transportation's Bustang and the Regional Transportation District's bus and rail services. Save time and money on your way to work, home, school or any other destination in the Denver metro area. Get started! The personal and environmental benefits begin when you do.

Regional Transportation District

The Regional Transportation District's more than 140 local, express and regional bus routes and expanding light rail network make it simple to get where you need to go. Learn the best route for your trip by visiting the Regional Transportation District's Trip Planner to find the optimal bus or train route. Sit back and relax while you ride!

Regional Transportation District website (button)

Bustang — Colorado bus transportation

When you climb aboard Bustang or a Regional Transportation District bus or light rail train, you are starting a commute that will ease your stress and your costs. Plus, you'll take another car off the road and help save the environment from added pollution.

Bustang website (button)

Transit Tips

1. Plan Ahead: The Regional Transportation District and Bustang each offer online trip planners to help you plan your route before you're out the door.

2. Timing: Give yourself ample time to get to and from your destination.

3. Transfer for Free: When riding a Regional Transportation District bus or train, if your trip includes more than one ride, ask for a free transfer.

4. Bike to the Bus: Use your bike to help you complete your journey. You can park it on the front of Regional Transportation District buses, on the light rail, or in the Bustang undercarriage.

5. Know Your Options: Options continue to grow and change — from bus routes to new light rail lines and SkyRides — you can always find a way to go.

6. Ways to Save: Whether you use transit daily or once or twice a week, there are pass options on the Regional Transportation District and Bustang's website.