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Work from home

The best commute is no commute at all!

When you work from home and stay off the road, you help your community by eliminating traffic congestion. But working from home can also help you! Turn what used to be your commute time into productive time, whether that means hanging out more with your family, working out, engaging in self-care or jump-starting your workday. And because you're staying off the road, working from home improves our air quality in a big way. Many people who work from home find they're more productive, less stressed and generally happier. According to Global Workplace Analytics, working from home two to three days a week is the sweet spot for solo and collaborative work. Check out our tips for when you work from home.

Telework tips

  1. Create a designated workspace you're comfortable in.
  2. Limit distractions in your workspace.
  3. Define a routine and stick to it.
  4. Set expectations about your availability.
  5. Communicate with your colleagues.
  6. Host regular live meetings using video conferencing.
  7. Stay connected with colleagues on a personal level.
  8. Take breaks during the day.
  9. Be realistic about what you can achieve.
  10. Create a "shut down" routine to help separate work from home life.

Telework Tomorrow

Moving forward with Telework Tomorrow

Way to Go is offering Denver region employers support through Telework Tomorrow. Recent reports recommend a 2:3 ratio for teleworking and working in the office. Allowing employees to work from home two days a week will enable them to do intensive solo work at home and leave them another three days to collaborate in person with colleagues at the office. Formalizing your telework option can be considered a workplace perk and a part of your benefits package and helps you recognize the dedication of employees who have worked hard over the past few weeks. Your commute consultant can help you learn how organizations across the region are embracing telework.

Let us help you:
  • Support a culture of trust for employees working from home.
  • Identify the benefits and challenges employees experience when working from home.
  • Provide one-on-one guidance and a toolkit to set up, implement and announce your new telework policy.

Interested in getting started creating the workplace of tomorrow? We'll lead the way. Email us, and we'll help you implement a new telework policy customized to fit best your company needs and employee culture. Our support will include:

  • One-on-one guidance with a commute consultant from your area.
  • An implementation checklist.
  • Telework policy and agreement templates.
  • Customizable communication overview decks for Zoom, G-suite and Microsoft Teams.
  • A company webinar script clearly outlining the new telework policy and company expectations.
  • Activation materials for announcing this new policy to your employees.

Did we mention this is free for employers in the Denver region? The Way to Go program works to decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality and make life better for residents.

Email the team at WaytoGo@drcog.org to get started.

Denver Regional Council of Governments/Way to Go is not engaged in rendering legal advice. It provides these forms free of charge solely to assist businesses in exploring teleworking arrangements with their employees. By using these materials, the recipient (1) acknowledges and agrees that DRCOG/Way to Go makes no representations regarding the sufficiency (legal or otherwise) of these materials in any particular jurisdiction or for any particular business purpose and (2) voluntarily and knowingly assumes all risks associated with their use.