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Aging abuse prevention

An older adult woman sits in a padded chair grasp hands of a person whose face is not pictured.

Elder abuse prevention 

Each year, many older adults face abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman Program addresses these concerns and thoroughly investigates abuse cases. Working with adult protection agencies — such as the state health department, law enforcement, and legal professionals — the Ombudsman staff aims to resolve these cases and support affected residents.

The Ombudsman Program, mandated by the federal government, ensures that the rights of these residents are respected and met.

An ombudsman can aid individuals and families in selecting a long-term care facility or resolving any concerns expressed by facility residents, family members, staff or administrators.

With hundreds of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the region, the program serves thousands of individuals, providing free advocacy services in the Denver metro area.

Staff visits facilities regularly to observe and engage with residents, and monitor conditions. Acting as advocates for residents, ombudsmen investigate complaints, assist facility staff in problem-solving or mediating conflicts, and provide education about long-term care communities and residents' rights.

In addition, staff organizes safety seminars and trainings to educate older adults on avoiding scams and reporting concerns. Elder abuse prevention training is provided to staff members in nursing homes and assisted living residences, aiming to prevent abuse before it occurs.

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