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Transit asset management

A light rail train waiting at a street-level station in downtown Denver.

Photo courtesy of RTD.

The Federal Transit Administration published the Transit Asset Management Final Rule on July 26, 2016, with an effective date of October 1, 2016. The rule establishes a framework for transit agencies to oversee and manage public transportation assets, enhancing safety, reliability and overall performance to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of systems.

The Regional Transportation District:

  • Serves as the primary public transportation provider for the metropolitan planning organization region.
  • Operates fixed-route rail guideways.
  • Holds Tier One agency status with a developed Transit Asset Management Plan.

It has developed information and targets pertaining to the required state of good repair measures.

In consultation with the Federal Transit Administration and the Colorado Department of Transportation, DRCOG's Board of Directors has opted to support RTD’s transit asset management performance targets.

Rolling stock *

Baseline numberBaseline percentTarget numberTarget percent
Articulated bus1160%1160%
Intercity bus1680%1680%
Transit bus6710%6710%
Cutaway bus4020%3520%
Light rail vehicle2010%2000%
Commuter rail vehicle660%660%

Equipment *

Baseline numberBaseline percentTarget numberTarget percent
Truck and other rubber tires38713.2%38718.1%
Steel wheel vehicles40.0%40.0%

* Percent of revenue vehicles by type that exceed the useful life benchmark.

Infrastructure **

Baseline total trackBaseline percentTarget total trackTarget percent
Light rail119.52.0%119.52.0%
Commuter rail13.20.0%13.22.0%

Facilities **

Baseline numberBaseline percentTarget number​Target percent
Stations and parking11010.9%10611.3%
Maintenance and administration130.0%130.0%

** Percent of track segments by mode with performance restrictions.