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Metro Vision Idea Exchanges

Three people are sitting around a table in a crowded conference room discussing growth and development topics affecting the Denver region.

Great ideas from around the region

Local governments and other partners are implementing Metro Vision, helping the region advancing toward its desired outcomes in ways that best fit local circumstances. Communities can learn from each other’s ideas and experiences with common challenges or taking advantage of similar opportunities.

Principle: Metro Vision offers ideas for local implementation: Local governments can use Metro Vision as they make decisions about land use, transportation planning and a range of related issues. Metro Vision also helps local governments coordinate their efforts with one another and other organizations.

DRCOG offers a forum

Metro Vision Idea Exchanges allow the region’s residents, planners, local government staff and other stakeholders to share information and ideas. The virtual forums identify local and regional success stories worth continuing, as well as emerging and ongoing challenges requiring action. DRCOG hosts four to six Metro Vision Idea Exchanges each year. Topics range from transportation accessibility and housing market trends to water planning and public health policy.

Previous Metro Vision Idea Exchanges

Visit DRCOG's YouTube channel for recordings of previous Metro Vision Idea Exchanges.

Have an idea?

Email the Regional Planning and Development team at mvie@drcog.org with ideas for a discussion topic or to collaborate.