Meeting Materials

Presentations, agendas, recordings and other meeting materials from Board Work Session and Board of Directors meetings are posted here the business day after the meeting. Please click on the meeting name to access the audio and video files. These materials are also available through the event calendar, as are agendas and materials from other meetings.

Date Title Materials
August 5, 2020 Board Work Session
July 15, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon July_15_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting 071520 BOD Meeting Instructions.pdf, PDF icon At_A_Glance_Board_Roster_July_08_2020.pdf
July 1, 2020 Board Work Session PDF icon July_01_2020_BWS_Agenda_v2.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting 070120 BWS Meeting Instructions.pdf
June 17, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon June_17_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting 061720 BOD Meeting Instructions.pdf, PDF icon At_A_Glance_Board_Roster_2020_06_16.pdf
May 20, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon EO-RP-GLANCE-20-05-12-V1.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting 052020 BOD Meeting Instructions.pdf, PDF icon May_20_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon DRCOG_Board_of_Directors-Attendee_Report.pdf, PDF icon Engagement_Report.pdf
April 15, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon Apr_15_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting_041520_BOD_Meeting_Instructions.pdf, PDF icon At_a_Glance_2020_04_08.pdf
April 1, 2020 Board Work Session PDF icon Agenda_BWS_04-01-20.pdf, PDF icon GoToWebinar_Meeting_040120_BWS_Meeting_Instructions.pdf
February 19, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon Feb_19_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon RTO&T_Set-aside_PRESENTATION-BOD_Feb_2020.pdf, PDF icon TDMSet-asideFundingBOD_0218edits.pdf, PDF icon Urban_Arterial_Safety_and_Mobility.pdf, PDF icon Glendale_DRCOG_presentation-comp.pdf
February 5, 2020 Board Work Session PDF icon Feb_5_2020_Board_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2050_MVRTP_scenarios_assessment_PRESENTATION-BWS_February_2020.pdf, PDF icon HB20-1151_Attach_1.pdf
January 15, 2020 Board of Directors PDF icon Jan_15_2020_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon Legislative_Status_Report_New_Bills_1-10-20.pdf, PDF icon Douglas_County_1.15.20.pdf, PDF icon Forecasting_Jan20_slides.pdf, PDF icon RTD_LiVE_Program.pdf
December 18, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon Dec_18_2019_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2019_12_06_FINAL_DRCOG_Board_presentation_Regional_Climate_Plan.pdf, PDF icon 2020_Fast_Act_Safety_Targets_BOD_Dec_2019.pdf, PDF icon 2050_MVRTP_proposed_scenarios_PRESENTATION-BOD_December_2019.pdf, PDF icon 5310_DR_Presentation-BOD_Dec_2019.pdf, PDF icon Louisville.pdf
December 4, 2019 Board Work Session
November 20, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon Nov_20_2019_BOD_agenda_v2.pdf, File 2050 MVRTP intro PRESENTATION-Board November 2019.pptx, File CDOT Trans Plan PRESENTATION-Board November 2019.pptx, File DRCOG Boulder County_2019_Final.pptx, File I-70 Coalition.pptx
November 6, 2019 Board Work Session PDF icon Nov_6_2019_BoardWorkSessionAgenda.pdf, File BOD_Mile High Compact-2_dot_0.pptx, File Rail legislative options slide.pptx, File Wellness Fund BOD Nov 2019.pptx
October 16, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon October_16_2019_BOD_Agenda_CG_revised.pdf, PDF icon CDOT_State_Highway_Funding_presentation.pdf, PDF icon 2018_Congestion_Report_Presentation-BoardOct2019.pdf, PDF icon DRCOG-Community_Spotlight_October_2019.pdf, PDF icon FY20-21_CMPI_Set-aside_Recommendation_PRESENTATION_Attach_1.pdf, PDF icon TPO-RP-2018CONGESTION-19-10-03-V2.pdf
October 2, 2019 Board Work Session
September 18, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon 2019_09_18_Board_of_Directors_agenda.pdf
September 4, 2019 Board Work Session PDF icon Sep_4_2019_Board_Work_Session_Agenda.pdf
August 21, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon Aug_21_2019_BOD_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2020-2023TIPAdopt-PRESENTATIONBrdAug2019.pdf, PDF icon AAA-PP-DEMOGAPHICS-AND-NEEDS-19-08-08-V4.pdf, PDF icon RPD-PP-MVLOOKBACK-19-08-12-V02_ENTIRE.pdf, PDF icon RTDRegionalBRTPRESENTATION-Aug2019.pdf, PDF icon TDMSet-asideNon-InfrastructureProcessPRESENTATION-BrdAug2019.pdf, PDF icon 2019DRCOGNorthglennPresentation.pdf
August 7, 2019 Board Work Session
July 17, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon July 17 2019 BOD Agenda.pdf, PDF icon AAA-PP-19JULYBOD-19-07-08-V5.pdf, PDF icon Board of Directors_7.17.2019_Presentation files.pdf, PDF icon BTWD-PP-19JULYBOD-19-07-08-V4.pdf, PDF icon FY2020-FY2021 UPWP PRESENTATION.pdf, PDF icon Regional Transp Funding Update PRESENTATION-Brd July 2019 - DR.pdf
July 3, 2019 Board Work Session
June 19, 2019 Board of Directors
June 5, 2019 Board Work Session
May 15, 2019 Board of Directors PDF icon 2019_May_15_Board_Agenda.pdf, PDF icon 2018_MV_Amendments_Presentation_Attach_2.pdf, PDF icon 2020-2023_TIP_Subregional_Share.pdf, PDF icon 2040_MVRTP_2018_Amends.pdf, PDF icon AWARDS_RECAP.pdf, PDF icon CMPI.pdf, PDF icon Public_Engagement_Plan.pdf, PDF icon Town_of_Bennett_DRCOG .pdf