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For employers

A group of commuters walking past the rail lines at Union Station in downtown Denver. Union Station's sign in in the background and there is clear blue skies.

Employer services

Help employees trade stress for smiles!

Do you know how your coworkers get to work? For most of them, the daily commute to and from their jobs seems to worsen daily — but Way to Go's Commuter Consultants can help!

Encourage employees to try smart, sustainable commute options. The benefit it happier healthier workforce who spends less time and effort getting to work.

Way to Go's Commuter Consultants will evaluate the best commute options for employees and help employers encourage the workforce t leave their cars at home and commute creatively. All our services are no cost!

Earn a tax credit to support alternate commute options!

New for tax years 2023 and 2024, the state of Colorado will provide a refundable tax credit of up to 50% for employer expenses related to giving eco-friendly transportation options to employees. Visit Colorado Clean Commute to learn more.

Call 303-458-7665 or email WayToGo@drcog.org to get started!


When employers sow the seeds of knowledge about smarter commuting choices, businesses reap the rewards of a healthier, happier, even more productive staff and an improved bottom line. Helping employees find transportation options offers numerous benefits to the company, including:

  • Gaining an edge in the market by attracting and retaining quality employees.
  • Reducing the need for mass parking.
  • Becoming a community leader.
  • Improving the health (both mental and physical)
  • Reducing traffic congestion and, in turn, air pollution.
  • Making travel times more predictable and lose less money due to unforeseen employee delays.
  • And, of course, realizing tax benefits. The federal tax code allows employers to reduce payroll taxes for qualified transit, train, vanpooling, and biking benefits. Learn more about these benefits from the Internal Revenue Service.

What are you waiting for? Let Way to Go help get you started today! Sign up for more information, or call our experts at 303-458-7665 today!

Work from home

The best commute is no commute at all!

Working from home and staying off the road, helps the community reduce traffic congestion. But working from home can also help individuals. Turn time that used to be used for commuting into productive time, whether that means hanging out more with family, working out, engaging in self-care or jump-starting your workday. And because fewer vehicles are on the road, the region's air quality could improve in a big way. Plus, many people who work from home find they're more productive, less stressed and generally happier. According to Global Workplace Analytics, working from home two to three days a week is the sweet spot for solo and collaborative work. Check out tips for when you work from home.

Reduce employee stress and increase productivity.

Over the next five years, experts predict that remote workers in the Denver region will increase by 21%. As a part of employee recruitment and retention, teleworking can be offered as a part of your benefits package or on an as-needed basis, such as weather events. Research and anecdotes support that work flexibility boosts productivity.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, American Express' remote workers demonstrated 43% higher productivity than their colleagues who worked in the office. The higher productivity is partially because employees are happier and healthier when they have some control over their work lives.

In addition to helping workers feel better and more productive, working from home can also help your company be part of reducing climate change. Eliminating or cutting back on daily commutes reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Properly using videoconferencing and other remote communication tools can help companies reduce business travel, which also cuts pollution.

Chat with the Way to Go team at WayToGo@drcog.org about implementing telework at your company.

Flexible work schedules

Skip rush hour and improve work satisfaction!

Consider making flexible work schedules or compressed workweeks a small but appealing part of your employee benefits package. With the average commuter in Denver spending more than 60 hours in traffic every year, allowing employees to shift their schedules from standard business hours (avoiding rush hour traffic) can make a huge difference in retention and happiness. Compressing workweeks lets employees do their regular work in fewer than the standard five days a week or allows them to work longer hours some days and fewer on others. Whichever option you give your employees helps them achieve a better work-life balance.

Another benefit to offering flexible work schedule options is that these allow you to more easily match your company's payrolls to seasonal or other shift types, bringing in even more cost benefits.

Let our Way to Go team provide information and evaluate your needs to determine if flexible work schedule options will work for your company. Email WaytoGo@drcog.org to get started.