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Regional Traffic Count program

A line of cars and trucks waiting to merge onto a traffic-filled highway.

Photo courtesy of CDOT.

Denver Regional Council of Governments staff rely on data from the Regional Traffic Count program to inform transportation planning endeavors. This program aggregates all-day, total traffic volume data available since 2010.

Source data for the program is contributed by the Colorado Department of Transportation, local governments and toll road authorities. It's important to note that DRCOG staff do not directly collect traffic counts. For interactive maps and downloadable data in various formats, please visit the Denver Regional Data Catalog.

Traffic forecasts

Upon request, DRCOG staff provide future growth factors for volumes on major roadways in the Denver region. Forecast years available include 2030, 2040 and 2050.

To request a traffic growth forecast, contact Lawrence Tilong, planner, at ltilong@drcog.org and provide the roadway segment in question and its current traffic volume.

Traffic count locations

For comprehensive information on traffic count locations and all-day volumes, visit the Regional Traffic Count story map.