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A racially diverse group of four older adults sit on a couch from left to right of man, woman, man woman. Two older adults stand behind the couch in the order of man and woman.

Area Agency on Aging

About the Agency

With more than 50 years experience as the designated Area Agency on Aging for an eight-county region, the Denver Regional Council of Governments provides comprehensive services to address the needs of the region's older adults and people living with disabilities.

Information & Assistance

Older adults and people with disabilities can receive help accessing long-term services and support in remaining independent in the community.

An older adult man sits on a sofa with an aide who is holding a clipboard with forms.

Medicare & Health Insurance Assistance

Need help understanding Medicare? Connect with an expert to walk you through the process over the phone, by email or in person.

Two older adult males embrace each other.

Advocacy & Support

Area Agency on Aging helps ensure the rights of people living in nursing or assisted living homes. The agency also works with stakeholders across the region to advocate for policy and legislative improvements, and to secure funding for vital programs.

Two older adult Black women refugees are dressed in traditional clothes of their homeland while listening to a presentation.

Refugees and Friends Support

Activities for older adults in refugee and immigrant communities to reduce social isolation and improve their health and wellness.

Dressed in military uniform, a soldier sits in a wheelchair while being embraced by his wife and daughter.

Veteran Directed Care


Supports eligible veterans of any age to safely remain in their communities and homes while receiving assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, and preparing and eating meals.

Two older adults sit at a table with a laptop computer open and several forms on the table.

Case Management

Case managers help people 60 and older identify and make life transitions.

Get Involved

Become a volunteer to help older adults and people with disabilities with life transitions.

An older adult woman smiles while talking with a younger man about volunteer opportunities.