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Freight & goods movement

A commuter rail train pulling into a station with several freight train cars sitting on the tracks next to it.

Photo courtesy of CDOT.

Planning for safe, efficient and sustainable movement of freight and goods throughout the Denver region is an essential part of the transportation planning process. DRCOG staff work continuously with public and private partners to facilitate the seamless integration of freight and goods movement into the region’s multimodal transportation system.

Regional Multimodal Freight Plan

DRCOG's Regional Multimodal Freight Plan is a shared vision, action plan and strategic guide to help the Denver region identify opportunities to move freight and goods more efficiently. Working with local communities, businesses and key stakeholders, DRCOG staff developed a plan that:

  • Provides data on how goods movement supports local economies.
  • Describes the state of freight needs in the region and forecasts future priorities.
  • Highlights freight planning successes and best practices.
  • Identifies potential investment areas for freight planning and infrastructure.

The Regional Multimodal Freight Plan Advisory Committee guided the project team's work. The plan's primary goals are:

  • Engage industry, stakeholders and local government partners.
  • Document significant regional freight trends and conditions.
  • Provide baseline information, data and best practices to encourage local planning efforts.
  • Develop an inventory of current needs to address freight related infrastructure issues.
  • Identify a regional freight priority network and illustrate potential future freight focus areas.
  • Create strategies and actions for continued regional coordination and action.

Key partners and stakeholders

DRCOG staff consistently engage with businesses, industry organizations, member governments and public stakeholders to enhance efforts around coordination and improve safety, connectivity, and sustainability. Additional key participating partners and stakeholders are:

Colorado Department of Transportation Freight Mobility and Safety Branch conducts freight planning for the state. The branch plans, develops and funds implementation projects and programs that invest in freight mobility on the primary roads and railways in the state.