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Options Counseling & Case Management

A husband and wife, who are older adults, sit at a table with a younger woman, who is a case worker, to discuss resources available for aging adult.

Area Agency on Aging case managers provide intensive, short-term, case management services for people 60 and older who need help identifying and making life transitions. The Case Management Program is designed to help older adults remain active and independent in the community for as long as possible and to plan for the future. 

Case management activities can include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to develop a Care Plan.
  • Presenting care options and resources.
  • Coordinating services among providers.
  • Connecting with medical, non-medical and mental health professionals and services.
  • Applying for and accessing available benefits and supports.
  • Consulting with families and temporarily monitoring community supports.

DRCOG has Spanish-speaking case managers on staff: reach them by calling the case management line and choosing the Spanish-language option.

Options counseling is talking with a trained professional in the field of aging and disability who helps you create a plan for meeting your basic needs, including your care. Options counselors explain different things to consider as a person ages, provides support in making a plan taking action on the plan. 

Common reasons why people seek options counseling include:

  • Wanting to know what's available for older people in terms of financial assistance and care.
  • Making contingency plans for the care of a loved one for whom they are the primary caregiver in the event they're not able to care for them.
  • Curiosity about what support is available and how to access resources to age the way they would like.

DRCOG's options counselors are able to meet face to face and discuss these issues and more. Contact a counselor today.

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