We are the traffic

You are the Solution

You can get out of traffic by making a few simple changes. Skip a car trip by bundling your errands together into a single shopping excursion. Ditch a car ride by taking the bus or riding your bike. Consider carpooling with friends. There are other ways to get where you're going. You are the solution.



Did you know the average Coloradan spends 1+ year of their life stuck in traffic?

Life is too short to be stuck in traffic. Get your time back by bundling trips or finding a different way to go.

Plan trips and explore commuting options.

There could be a better way to go. Find a different route on MyWayToGo.org.


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With less traffic, we all win.

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Find a better way to go.



Why sit in traffic all alone? Ride with friends and split the travel costs with carpool. 

Public transportation

We have great public transportation options, so put them to use! Pick up a good book, do a crossword puzzle, or relax and take a nap, while someone else drives the bus.