Transportation Improvement Program

An aerial picture of an interstate in Colorado with vehicles in motion.

DRCOG implements the current Regional Transportation Plan through the Transportation Improvement Program.  The program identifies all current federal- and state-funded transportation projects to be completed in the Denver region over a four-year period.  Demonstrating DRCOG’s commitment to collaboration, local governments at the DRCOG table decide on a process and criteria for including projects in the TIP and awarding DRCOG-controlled federal and state funds, which allows the region to set and agree upon its transportation priorities. All program projects must meet current air quality standards.


DRCOG's Transportation Improvement Program

  • Fiscal Year 2024-2027 TIP - This current TIP covers federal fiscal years 2024-2027
  • Links to previous TIPs can be found at the bottom of this page


Subregional Forums

For all project allocation activities, a subregional forum will be responsible for submitting projects, programs, or studies for consideration by the DRCOG Board.  Subregions are geographically defined as a county and all the municipalities within.  Every DRCOG member government within each county is invited to participate in their subregional forum.  CDOT and RTD are invited to participate as non-voting members.  Other eligible stakeholders may be invited at the discretion of each subregional forum.

All eight counties in the DRCOG region hold subregional forums; Adams County, Arapahoe County, Boulder County, Broomfield (City/County), Denver (City/County), Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Weld County (southwest portion only).  Links to individual subregional forum meeting agendas and other materials may be found on the individual county websites, in addition to being accessible through the DRCOG calendar.


DRCOG TIP Regional Set-Asides

In addition to the main Regional and Subregional Calls for Projects, DRCOG also develops and maintains a group of regional set-aside programs, each having their own funding amount and call for projects.  You can view each of the individual set-asides here.


Annual List of Federally Obligated Projects

The current Annual Listing of Federally Obligated Projects report includes all projects in the Denver region that received federal obligation in 2022 (Oct. 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022). Obligated projects are those that have been approved by the federal government for reimbursement. View previous reports.


TRIPS Database

DRCOG developed an online database to view projects in the TIP.  Click here to access the TRIPS Database homepage.