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2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan

People walking around a light rail station at night with a highway in the background. Photo credit: Photo courtesy of RTD.

Rey H. Sosa, Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan photo contest finalist.

As the federally designated metropolitan planning organization for the Denver region, Denver Regional Council of Governments staff developed the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan to guide the region’s investments in the multimodal transportation system. The plan is updated every four years and amended as needed to ensure that its content remains relevant and reflects current trends, needs and priorities.

DRCOG's Board of Directors originally adopted the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan in 2021, following a two-year planning process. The Board adopted an updated version of the plan in September 2022 to address the Colorado Greenhouse Gas Transportation Planning Standard.

The plan helps DRCOG's member governments and partners implement the shared aspirational vision of Metro Vision. It sets the long-range vision and investment framework for the region’s multimodal transportation system.

Through the plan's major project and program investment priorities, the region will:

  • Increase safety for all users of the transportation system.
  • Improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Expand the region’s rapid transit network.
  • Provide more ways to travel by car, bus, bicycle, other mobility devices and foot.
  • Expand travel options for vulnerable and underserved transportation users.
  • Prepare for and adapt to future changes in transportation.


Web map

DRCOG staff developed an interactive web map to explore major projects included in the plan. Users can filter projects by county, project type, project date, funding source or implementation phase.


Metro Vision 2050 Regional Transportation Plan

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