Transportation Demand Management Strategic Plan

Three women riding bicycles in the street. A city bus and a silver van are in the background.

Denver Regional Council of Governments staff spent 18 months developing the region's Transportation Demand Management Strategic Plan with stakeholders and partner agencies. The plan will provide the Denver region with a framework to improve efficiency and mobility for travelers of all ages, incomes and abilities by identifying actions to enhance and expand sustainable, multimodal travel choices, reduce traffic congestion and provide air quality benefits.

As part of the stakeholder and public engagement plan, the organization hosted six workshops over the project timeline with key stakeholders. Key stakeholders included regional transportation partners, regional air quality partners, academia, community advocacy groups, environmental justice partners and industry partners. Social media sites, online comment cards, press releases and traditional media outlets were used to engage the general public.

The plan's goals are to:

  • Examine the region's current state of transportation demand management, including funding sources and policies.
  • Encourage a suite of transportation demand management strategies, including infrastructure, mobility services, parking and pricing, land use, incentives, and marketing and education.
  • Support statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
  • Envision a safe, seamless and sustainable travel network throughout the region.

DRCOG's Board of Directors unanimously adopted the Transportation Demand Management Strategic Plan in December 2023.

Contact Kalie Fallon, emerging mobility and transportation demand management planner, at 303-480-6740 or for more information about the plan.