Regional Vision Zero

Downtown Denver street crossing

Download Taking Action on Regional Vision Zero, a safety action plan establishing a target for zero fatalities or serious injuries in the Denver region's transportation system.

Vision Zero is a safety approach with the core principle that it is never ethically acceptable for people to be killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transportation system. Vision Zero switches safety from being solely the responsibility of roadway users to a shared responsibility between system designers and people on the road. Because it's inevitable that roadway users will make mistakes, roads should be designed to ensure these mistakes don't result in severe injuries or death.

In the Denver region, traffic-related deaths and injuries are a significant and preventable public health and social equity issue. In 2018, 242 people were killed and 1,866 people were seriously injured on our region's roadways. 

Taking Action on Regional Vision Zero includes a toolkit for local governments to use when planning a Vision Zero strategy in their own communities. The plan sets out Action Initiatives, an implementation timeline and measures that will help track regional progress toward safety improvements. The plan was guided by robust public engagement over the last year, including a crowd-sourced map of safety issues around the region and intensive data analyses of killed and serious-injury crash statistics over a five-year period in the region.

In the summer of 2019, DRCOG kicked off the planning process by interviewing residents from around the region about traffic-related issues and the importance of Vision Zero. Watch the full video below.

Click the icon to view an interactive map displaying the regional High Injury Network and Critical Corridors with the highest density of killed and serious injury crash cases.
Map identifying roadways with most crash-related injuries and deaths

Take the Vision Zero Pledge! Commit to safety while traveling on our region's roadways.