Regional Vision Zero

Downtown Denver street crossing

Vision Zero is a safety approach with the core principle that “it can never be ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transport system." Vision Zero switches safety from being solely the responsibility of roadway users to a shared responsibility of system designers and roadway users. It is inevitable that roadway users will make mistakes, so roads should be designed to ensure these mistakes do not result in severe injuries or fatalities.  
DRCOG is developing a regional Vision Zero Action Plan to create a shared vision, implementable action plan and strategies needed to move the  region towards zero deaths and serious injuries. DRCOG will work alongside local communities to develop a plan that will:
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in the Denver region. 
  • Support DRCOG’s various safety performance measures and targets.
  • Increase awareness of Vision Zero to influence safer behaviors on roadways.
  • Provide tools and strategies to local jurisdictions and other stakeholders to encourage safety in planning and design of the regional transportation system. 
Over the course of the project, there will be many opportunities for the public to weigh in on the plan. Stay tuned to find out how you can be involved! 
Vision Zero Stakeholder Committee 
The project team is working alongside a group of stakeholders that represent local communities and others in the Denver region, called the regional Vision Zero Stakeholder Committee. This committee will:
  • Provide insight, feedback and local context
  • Help guide the project teams’ public outreach messaging and strategies 
  • Assist in the development of goals and implementation strategies 
The regional Vision Zero Stakeholder Committee  meeting materials (agendas, presentations and summaries) will be posted here.

DRCOG collected public comments on regional safety concerns beginning Aug. 1, 2019 through Oct. 31, 2019.  Go to the Regional Vision Zero interactive map to explore posted comments. They can also be downloaded on the regional data catalog

Public comments are currently being reviewed and will assist the project team in developing the regional High Injury Network that will be adopted as part of Regional Vision Zero.