Regional Transportation Plan

As the federally-designated transportation planning agency for the Denver region, DRCOG develops the Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan (MVRTP) to guide the region’s future multimodal transportation system. The current version of the 2040 MVRTP was adopted in May 2019. The 2040 MVRTP is integrated closely with and helps implement DRCOG’s Metro Vision plan. The 2040 MVRTP presents the region’s unconstrained vision for a multimodal transportation system needed to respond to future growth and demographic trends. It also presents a financially constrained perspective of the system.

The 2040 Fiscally Constrained RTP (2040 FCRTP) defines transportation facilities and services to be provided based on reasonably expected revenues. The financial plan for the 2040 FCRTP is shown in Chapter 5. The revenues will fund construction of many types of projects, as well as fund operation and maintenance of the transportation system described in Chapter 6. The system includes roadway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities, as well as safety, transportation demand management, and other supporting services. The 2040 FCRTP identifies individual regionally significant (major) roadway capacity and rapid transit projects to be implemented over the next 25 years with reasonably expected revenues (Appendices 3 and 4). Finally, DRCOG also has to show that the 2040 FCRTP will not cause a violation of federal air quality conformity standards, which is shown in the companion air quality conformity determination documents.   

The 2040 MVRTP may be amended and updated as needed.


2050 MVRTP

The DRCOG Board of Directors adopted the 2050 MVRTP in April 2021. Review the action documents here.

Previous drafts

Archived versions of old MVRTP documents can be found here.