Regional Transportation Plan

The Denver skyline, reflected in a vehicle's side-view mirror. Photo credit: Rey H. Sosa, photo contest finalist.

Photo credit: Rey H. Sosa, photo contest finalist.

As the federally designated transportation planning agency for the Denver region, DRCOG develops the Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan to guide the region’s investments in the multimodal transportation system. DRCOG updates the RTP every four years and amends it as needed to ensure that its content remains relevant and reflects current trends, needs and priorities.

The two-year planning process began in the summer of 2019 and culminated with the DRCOG Board of Directors adopting the 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan in April 2021. The resulting 2050 RTP helps DRCOG and its many partners implement the shared aspirational vision of Metro Vision and sets the long-range vision and investment framework for the region’s multimodal transportation system. The 2050 RTP performs multiple functions as the region’s multimodal transportation plan, including:

  • Setting the region’s long-range vision for transportation over the next 20-plus years.

  • Reflecting a broad set of public and stakeholder input.

  • Demonstrating enough available revenue and identifying how funds will be spent on projects and programs identified in the 2050 RTP across all modes of transportation.

  • Conforming to all applicable air quality regulations.

  • Ensuring that transportation decisions don’t negatively affect low-income and minority communities more than other areas and provide at least as much benefit compared with the entire region.

  • Incorporating the 10 federal planning factors into the planning process: economic vitality; safety; security; accessibility and mobility; environment; multimodal connectivity; system management and operations; system preservation; resilience and reliability; and travel and tourism.

  • Linking investment priorities to achieving performance measure targets.

You can review the latest documents below under Links and Resources.

Web map

DRCOG staff have developed a web map to explore the major projects included in the 2050 RTP. Use the filter tool to view only the projects in certain counties or a particular project type. You can also filter by implementation time or by funding source.

A draft of the amended 2050 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan is currently available to the public for review and comment through Sept. 6. Review the documents and learn how to share written comments.