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Community-Based Transportation Planning

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Community-Based Transportation Planning Program

The Community-Based Transportation Planning Program is a Denver Regional Council of Governments-led technical assistance program intended to support member jurisdictions in addressing mobility challenges for historically marginalized communities in the region. 

Through this program, DRCOG staff lead studies or planning efforts, in close partnership with local governments and community organizations, that identify the specific mobility needs of historically marginalized communities, develop community-informed solutions and map out a path to fund and implement recommendations. 


Program Goals

  • Expand access to opportunities for residents of all ages, incomes and abilities.
  • Support member governments in their efforts to improve mobility within their communities.
  • Address the needs of disproportionately impacted and marginalized communities in the region.
  • Center voices of marginalized communities in transportation planning in their community and throughout the region.
  • Develop innovative engagement methods to center marginalized voices, including partnering with respected community-based organizations.


2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program Community-Based Transportation Planning Program set-aside

Funding for the Community-Based Transportation Planning Program is included in a new set-aside budget in the 2024–2027 Transportation Improvement Program. An estimated $2.5 million will be available for the entire four-year set-aside program, with $1.25 million expected to be spent during each two-year cycle. Details about the set-aside program are also included in the 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program set-aside policies.


2024-2025 set-aside projects

DRCOG staff conducted a call for letters of interest to select projects for the first half of the 2024-2027 Community-Based Transportation Planning Program set-aside at the end of 2023. The DRCOG Board of Directors approved five projects in March 2024, with an estimated total budget of $1.35 million. DRCOG will lead each of these planning efforts in collaboration with local partners.

The selected projects and their anticipated start dates are:

  • Montbello Loop and 303 Artway Implementation Plan – anticipated fall 2024
  • Brighton Core City Circulation Plan – anticipated fall 2024
  • 92nd Ave Corridor Study, from Federal to Pecos – anticipated fall/winter 2024
  • Pecos Corridor Study, from 62nd to 84th – anticipated early 2025
  • Commerce City Microtransit Study – anticipated early 2025


Pilot Community-Based Transportation Planning Program

In 2022, DRCOG staff launched a pilot version of this program and selected two projects.


Project website: Edgewater School Community Transportation Plan

North Federal

Project website: North Federal Community Transportation Plan

For information about either project, contact Nora Kern, subarea and project planning program manager, at nkern@drcog.org.