Multimodal Freight Plan

Freight transport

Reliable, cost-effective, safe and resilient freight supply chains are more important now than ever. The interconnected nature of the region's freight infrastructure means that moving freight and goods leverages local roads, state highways, interstates, railroads, air cargo facilities and more. DRCOG's Regional Multimodal Freight Plan is a shared vision, action plan and strategic guide to help the Denver region identify opportunities to move freight and goods more efficiently. Working with local communities, businesses and other key stakeholders, DRCOG developed a plan that:
  • Integrates with the 2040 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan 
  • Provides data on how goods movement supports local economies
  • Describes the current state of freight needs in the region and forecasts future priorities 
  • Highlights freight planning successes and best practices
  • Identifies potential investment areas for freight planning and infrastructure based on data and input

Regional Multimodal Freight Plan Advisory Committee 

The project team's work was guided by a Regional Multimodal Freight Plan Advisory Committee, which first held its first meeting in June, 2019. Materials from all meetings are posted at the bottom of this page.