Transportation Planning

DRCOG has served as the metropolitian planning organization for the Denver region since 1977, acting as a forum for a collaborative transportation planning process. DRCOG has been involved in the region's transportation planning even longer – the organization's first official action after its 1955 founding endorsed the construction of I-70 West.

Today, through DRCOG, 58 local governments are represented in a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process for all modes of transportation in the region along with the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Regional Transportation District, the Regional Air Quality Council, and others. DRCOG's transportation planning process supports Metro Vision while adhering to state and federal practices and regulations. Ongoing planning addresses both short-term needs through the Transportation Improvement Program and the long-term vision for the region presented in the Regional Transportation Plan and Metro Vision. The Unified Planning Work Program details the activities of the transportation planning partners.

Transportation planning for the Denver region is a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive process. Read the Framework for Transportation Planning in the Denver Region to learn more.