Regional Data Summit 2011

Event Details

1416 Platte Street
3rd floor
Denver, CO
United States

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

  • Regional Data Summit
  • As many organizations and communities continue to grapple with difficult economic times, it is crucial to collaborate through the Denver Regional Data Consortium to find common ground. Come find out more and collaborate with your colleagues. 

    Keynote Address: Brian Timoney, Principal of The Timoney Group. Thoughts on being "Authoritative But Not Authoritarian: Preparing Your Geodata For A Future That's Already Here" 
    Collaborative Efforts Underway in 2010 and Continuing into 2011: 

    • Over 800,000 building footprints have been collected to support the Denver Regional Solar Map. 
    • Over 400 square miles of 3-inch resolution 4-band imagery collected through the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project. 
    • Creating a picture of the region’s built environment is an ongoing effort, characterizing key features of our region’s building infrastructure in a partnership with the University of Denver and DRCOG. This effort supports of a new regional Land Use model. Further development of land use, parcels/land ownership and jobs to follow into 2011! 
    • A regional effort of local governments partnering to migrate their current streets data layers to a versioned enterprise database based on a new Transportation Data Model. 
    • Several key Web-based applications highlighting regional data including the Denver Regional Solar Map and the Regional Data Catalog. 
    • “Open Spaces” becomes “Common Spaces” and is working to gather data related to bike/ped trails, school properties, open space/parks and recreation areas. 
    • A regional stormwater data model is being developed between regional stormwater organizations, water providers and local governments.