Regional Data Summit 2012

Event Details

1416 Platte Street
Denver, CO
United States

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 10:00am

  • Regional Data Summit
  • In January 2012, DRCOG hosted the fourth annual Regional Data Summit with member governments and partner agencies from around the region. The event sold out for the fourth consecutive year. 

    Matt Ball from Vector1 Media gave the keynote presentation covering the impacts that GIS, Building Information Modeling, City Models, and CAD are having on the Geospatial industry. 

    Matt Barry and Jordon Wirfs-Brock from The Piton Foundation gave a talk about their goals to make data more available and usable through a process they termed "democratizing data". 

    The final part of the day included a series of mini sessions where attendees roamed between booths learning about a variety of tools, products, and projects unique to the region.