Higher Education Partnership Agreement

Please read through the responsibilities of each party listed below. If you are interested in entering into a partnership with DRCOG, fill out the form below, click "I agree", then "Submit." A staff member from the DRCOG Human Resources department will follow up with you within one week to get any additional information (website URL, logo, etc.). 


Responsibilities of DRCOG and its member jurisdictions

DRCOG agrees to promote each respective higher education institution internally through its communication mediums (including but not limited to websites, publications, brochures, advertisements and newsletters) twice a year. DRCOG agrees to notify each respective higher education institution and allow it without charge the opportunity to participate in benefits fairs, education fairs, or other similar events, offered by DRCOG to its employees. DRCOG will advise Participants interested in the Program that it is the individual’s obligation at the time of each enrollment to advise the respective higher education institution of their eligibility and to satisfy whatever additional requirements may be imposed by the higher education institution to confirm their eligibility.

Responsibilities of the higher education institution

The higher education institution agrees to provide Program promotional materials to DRCOG. The higher education institution agrees to ensure that any links to their website are reviewed and updated bi-annually. The higher education institution agrees to provide data about the numbers participating in the Program to DRCOG annually, specifically by June of each year.


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