Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee's role is to assist the Board of Directors and the Regional Transportation Committee by reviewing the work of the transportation planning process, advising on methods of planning and implementation, working with the Metropolitan Planning Organization staff to develop policy options, and making recommendations to the Regional Transportation Committee.


Sarah Grant Chair City and County of Broomfield  
Shawn Poe Member Adams County - City of Commerce City  
Kent Moorman Member Adams County - City of Thornton  
Michele Riccio Member Adams County  
Bryan Weimer Member Arapahoe County  
Jeff Dankenbring Member Arapahoe County - City of Centennial
Brent Soderlin Member Arapahoe County - City of Littleton  
Alex Hyde-Wright Member Boulder County  
Michelle Melonakis Member Boulder County - City of Lafayette  
Jean Sanson Member City and County of Boulder  
David Gaspers Member City and County of Denver
Justin Begley Member City and County of Denver  
Jennifer Hillhouse Member City and County of Denver  
Art Griffith Member Douglas County  
Justin Schmitz Vice Chair Douglas County - City of Lone Tree  
Tom Reiff Member Douglas County - City of Castle Rock  
Mike Whiteaker Member Jefferson County - City of Lakewood  
Christina Lane Member Jefferson County  
Maria D'Andrea Member Jefferson County - City of Wheat Ridge  
Kevin Ash Member Weld County - Town of Frederick  
Brodie Ayers Member Aviation Special Interest  
Frank Gray Member Business Special Interest  
Rick Pilgrim Member Environment Special Interest  
Wally Weart Member Freight Special Interest  
Angie Rivera-Malpiede Member Equity Special Interest  
Jeff Boyd Member Housing Special Interest  
Frank Bruno Member Non-RTD Transit Special Interest  
Brad Revare Member Non-Motorized Special Interest  
Hilary Simmons Member Senior Special Interest  
Carson Priest Member TDM/Nonmotorized Special Interest  
Jessica Myklebust Member CDOT Region 1  
Heather Paddock Member CDOT Region 4  
Darius Pakbaz Member CDOT DTD  
Brian Metzger Member CDOT DTR  
Bill Sirois Member RTD  
Bill Haas Member FHWA (ex-officio)  
Tracey MacDonald Member FTA (ex-officio)  
Ron Papsdorf Member DRCOG  
Frank Bruno Member Via Mobility  
Tom Moore Member RAQC