Regional Transportation Committee

DRCOG’s Regional Transportation Committee administers the region's transportation planning process. DRCOG is the Metropolitan Planning Organization and is responsible for the lead role in transportation planning in the Denver region. The Regional Transportation Committee brings together representatives of the region's transportation planning partners.

Ashley Stolzmann Chair Mayor Louisville
Kevin Flynn Vice-Chair Council Member Denver
Claire Levy Member County Commissioner Boulder County
Don Stanton Member District 2-Transportation Commissioner CDOT-Colorado Department of Transportation
Karen Stuart Member District 4-Transportation Commissioner CDOT-Colorado Department of Transportation
Shoshana Lew Member Executive Director CDOT-Colorado Department of Transportation
Douglas  Rex Member Executive Director DRCOG-Denver Regional Council of Governments
Steven Conklin Member Council Member Edgewater
Wynne Shaw Member Council Member Lone Tree
Jeff Kullman Member President Move Colorado
Michael Silverstein Member Executive Director Regional Air Quality Council
Vince Buzek Member Director, District J RTD-Regional Transportation District
Shelley Cook Member Director, District L RTD-Regional Transportation District
Kate Williams Member Director, District A RTD-Regional Transportation District
Debra Johnson Member General Manager  
Yessica Holguin Member