Regional Transportation Operations and Technology

The Regional Transportation Operations and Technology Set-Aside funds deployment of technology, tools, and coordinated system procedures.  These improvements assist public agency staff with the management of the multimodal transportation system. The Regional Transportation Operations and Technology Strategic Plan describes a vision of transportation systems across the region that are interconnected and collaboratively operated safely and reliably for all system users.

The goals of the strategic plan are to provide:

  • Safe operations – operational improvements to reduce crashes and achieve zero fatalities
  • Efficient, seamless travel – systems interconnected across jurisdictions and modes operated cooperatively
  • Travel time reliability – multimodal travel times monitored and managed cooperatively
  • Equitable access – all travelers have access to safe and reliable mobility options
  • Environmental sustainability – reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions

A list of 20 strategic initiatives is also identified in the strategic plan, which is subdivided into three priority groups for implementation.

FY2024-2027 Call for Projects (closed):

The full details for the Regional Transportation Operations & Technology Set-Aside Call for Projects are described in the Policies for FY2024-2027 TIP Set-Aside Programs.

The call kicked-off with the a mandatory pre-application workshop on April 26, 2023.  On July 7, DRCOG received 19 applications requesting about $19 million in DRCOG funding.  The applications were reviewed by a panel of DRCOG and CDOT staff, which recommended funding for 12 projects totaling nearly $11 million over FY2024-2026. 

The DRCOG Board approved the following recommendations on Oct. 18, 2023:

For additional information about this set-aside, please contact Greg MacKinnon.