Regional Traffic Count Program

An important data source for DRCOG transportation planning efforts is the Regional Traffic Count Program.  DRCOG provides all-day, total traffic volume data for 2010-2020, as available.  The counts are made available to DRCOG from CDOT, local governments and toll road authorities – DRCOG does not collect traffic counts.  A downloadable spreadsheet of 24-hour total volumes is provided in Excel format.

Traffic Forecasts

DRCOG can also provide future growth factors for volumes on major roadways in the Denver Region.  The available forecast years are 2020, 2030, and 2040.

To receive a traffic growth forecast, please identify the roadway segment in question and provide the current day traffic volume. Send your request to Lawrence Tilong ( or call 303-480-6761 should you have any questions.

Traffic Count Locations in the Region

Visit the DRCOG Regional Traffic Count Map to view traffic count locations and all-day volumes. Use the zoom-in and Directional tool found on the upper-left of your screen to find specific locations and counts.

Note: Internet Explorer 7 cannot open this map.

Check out traffic count locations in the Denver region here.