Traffic Operations Program

Traffic signal

Since 1989, DRCOG has been working to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality through its Traffic Operations Program. The program involves DRCOG, CDOT and local governments to coordinate traffic signals on major roadways in the region. One of the first MPOs to conduct this type of program, DRCOG remains the leader among the very few MPOs throughout the country involved in traffic signalization.

In 2013, the program worked with local governments and CDOT to retime 328 signals on travel corridors in the metro area, reducing daily travel time for motorists in those corridors by more than 9,000 hours and reducing fuel consumption by 4,700 gallons per day. In addition, pollutant emissions were reduced by 1,128 pounds per day, while greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 97,932 pounds per day.

Regional Benefits of Completed Projects

Click on the links below to see an Annual Benefits Summary of Projects as well as the Signal Timing Briefs (individual benefits summary reports for each project).

Check out a map of completed signal timing projects here.