Baghdad-Denver Region Partnership

DRCOG is involved in a unique international partnership, known as the Baghdad-Denver Region Partnership for Peace. In October 2004, DRCOG and delegates from the Province of Baghdad officially signed a partnership declaration establishing the two regions as "partners for peace" through Sister Cities International. While the program is facilitated by Sister Cities International, it is not a traditional Sister Cities program. In a traditional program, one city is paired with another city. The Baghdad-Denver Region Partnership is a regional program where DRCOG, an organization of 58 county and municipal governments in the Denver area, is paired with the Province of Baghdad, which is composed of more than 100 local governments. In recent years, the partnership has engaged with adult and youth delegations through coordination with other agencies, such as World Denver.

The partnership promotes the exchange of ideas and understanding between government officials, citizens, college faculty and students, businesses and nonprofit organizations of the two regions. The primary benefit to Baghdad of participation in the program is exposure to the systems of government, education, business and nonprofits in a democratic civil society. The Denver area, in turn, gains increased understanding of the culture and history of Iraq and the Middle East. Strong professional and personal relationships are forged through the Partnership as well.