Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Bicycling and walking are important means of travel for thousands of people in the Denver region each day. That's why DRCOG works to support safety, comfortable and connected bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The benefits of providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities include:

  • Enhancing personal mobility options for people of all ages and incomes,
  • Reducing motor vehicle travel, travel costs, fuel consumption and air pollution, and
  • Improving overall health with increased physical activity​

FHWA Bikeway Selection Guide Workshop

DRCOG hosted a FHWA Bikeway Selection Guide workshop in October 2019, where participants learned about facility selection process and techniques. Click here to see the presentation materials from that workshop.

Active Transportation Plan

DRCOG's Board of Directors unanimously adopted the metro area’s first-ever regional active transportation plan in January 2019. Click here to learn more.

DRCOG Bicycle and Pedestrian Products

DRCOG has produced valuable resources for bicycle and pedestrian planning including:

  • The regional Active Transportation Plan envisions a safe, comfortable and connected network, and highlights opportunities and implementation strategies to improve active transportation cross the Denver region. An executive summary is also available.
  • Active Transportation Plan - Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Report (2019) analyzes collisions in the Denver region between a pedestrian or bicyclist and motor vehicles.​
  • The Denver Regional Bicycle Map is intended to provide information about bicycle facilities in the region. Bicycle facilities are a form of cycling infrastructure consisting of on-street bicycle routes and lanes, protected bike lanes and off-street trails designated for use by cyclists. The map also includes some additional information related to bicyling such as bicycle share stations (B-cycle) and transit park & ride locations in an effort to help riders in their route planning.
  • The Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts Map shows information about the volume of bicyclists and pedestrians at various locations throughout the region. This information is also available for download. Additional documentation can be found here.
  • The Bicycle and Pedestrian Crash Map shows the locations of crashes from 2010-2015 involving bicycles and pedestrians in the Denver region.

Bike to Work Day

Every year, DRCOG Way to Go coordinates and holds Bike to Work Day in the region on the fourth Wednesday in June. It is the second-largest Bike to Work Day event in the nation.