Performance-Based Planning and Programming

Transportation Performance Management Framework

The implementation of the federal performance-based planning and programming requirements is done within the Federal Highway Administration's Transportation Performance Management framework and the Federal Transit Administration's performance management framework. This framework provides key system information to determine the progress towards achieving goals and objectives, and prioritizes investment and policy decisions. Transportation Performance Management also gives transportation agencies a better ability to identify and mitigate issues within their respective transportation networks and improve communication between partner agencies through data and objective information.
The Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration established a set of rulemakings for implementation of performance-based planning and programming. Each rulemaking pertains to a particular area of transportation, and lays out the goals, measures and data to be used in setting targets. Under the performance-based planning and programming process, state departments of transportation, transit providers, and metropolitan planning organizations must link investment priorities to the achievement of performance targets. Click each link below to learn more: