Freight and Goods Movement

Freight train

The efficient movement of freight, goods, and packages is extremely important to the Denver region’s economy. These items are moved by railcars, trucks, vans, airplanes, and pipelines. They move to, from, and within points in the region or pass through without a delivery or pickup. Major intermodal terminals transfer large amounts of cargo between the various travel modes and trucks. Most freight facilities and terminals are concentrated near the region’s freeways and major regional arterials. The majority of local deliveries and pickups to and from businesses in the area depend on the reliability of the regional and local roadway systems. 

DRCOG addresses freight and goods movement in several ways. The Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan describes the region’s multimodal transportation system used to move freight, including major multimodal freight transfer terminals. Information is provided on key commodity flow data, air cargo activity, and specific transportation improvements benefitting freight and goods movement. These include replacing at-grade railroad crossings with grade-separated ones, improving intersection turning radii for trucks, better shoulders, and managing the system to reduce congestion and improve travel time reliability.

DRCOG’s Congestion Management Program addresses one of the most important freight issues. DRCOG is also conducting a Commercial Vehicle Survey to understand how they affect travel and traffic patterns in the region. DRCOG also works closely with CDOT’s Freight Advisory Council and statewide freight planning process. Finally, DRCOG is working with CDOT, local governments, railroads, motor carriers, and other stakeholders to prepare a Regional Freight Movement Study.

DRCOG leads or participates in numerous freight stakeholder activities, including:

  • I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition (ongoing)
  • CDOT MPO Town Halls (April-June 2014)
  • CDOT Freight Advisory Council (July 2015, ongoing)
  • DRCOG Commercial Vehicle Survey (2015-2016)
  • DRCOG Regional Freight Movement Study (2015-2017)
  • CDOT State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan Work Group
  • CDOT Freight Advisory Council
  • CDOT Multimodal Freight Plan and State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan Joint Project Advisory Committee (JPAC)