Measuring Success

FHWA Performance Dashboard and Reports

The Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation has developed State Performance Dashboard and Reports and Urbanized Area Congestion Reports where visitors can find the latest available baseline values and performance targets for each state department of transportation and urbanized area.

The dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface for visitors to learn about each performance measure area and the process each state department of transportation undertook in setting and establishing applicable baselines and targets. This central and standard platform and enables users to quickly compare performance on multiple transportation performance measures.

FTA Performance Dashboard and Reports

The Federal Transit Administration has developed Transit Agency Dashboard and Reports that identify metrics and targets for a selection of transit agencies in the U.S. This data is collected in the National Transit Database Asset forms, where visitors can search the data products for a full compilation of asset data among other financial and service information. 

CDOT Dashboards

The Colorado Department of Transportation has developed National Performance Measures Dashboards to illustrate the performance of metrics required under the current federal surface transportation legislation. The data is divided into four main goal areas and shows current and historical data and the progress toward meeting the targets.