Denver Regional Visual Resources (DRVR) FAQs

The update schedule for each visualization, webmap and dataset is different due to the sources of the original data, but DRCOG updates each resource annually.

Visualizations and Webmaps
"Visualization Name." Denver Regional Visual Resources (DRVR). DRCOG. Web. Access Date. Visualization URL. 
"Dataset Name" Regional Data Catalog, Publication Date. Web. Access Date. Data URL.


All graphics created using Tableau can be embedded in your website, article or blog. Scroll to the bottom of the visualization and click on the "Share" button. A pop-up with "Embed Code" will appear. You can also share graphics via email, Facebook and Twitter. For non-Tableau visualizations, contact for embedding instructions. 

DRVR is designed to take federal, state and regional data that is otherwise difficult or cumbersome to view and make it easy to consume in an interactive and dynamic way. It is also meant to encourage user-driven data exploration. DRVR is not a customizable software product and is not intended for custom analysis. Should you need to incorporate your own data, we recommend you download data referenced in DRVR (from DRCOG's Regional Data Catalog or the cited source) and perform your analysis using your organization's preferred software. 

DRVR is organized by topic area and we encourage users to navigate by clicking on the colored flags or the alphabetized list of visualizations on the right-hand side menu. 

Users may also use the "Search" function on

Google searches that contain your topic of interest and the words "DRCOG" and "DRVR" also work well.


Please contact Ashley Summers, Information Systems Manager, at 303-480-6746 or, or Daniel Jerrett, Chief Economist, at 303-480-5644 or