Regional Lidar Project

Denver area lidar

The Denver Regional Council of Governments facilitates the acquisition of light detection and ranging (lidar) data in the Denver region on an as-needed basis. Lidar projects are completed on behalf of local and regional organizations. Due to the expense of lidar data, state and federal partnerships are typically required to collect data.

DRCOG plans to apply for a USGS BAA Award for a 2020 acquisition. We are currently gathering requirements and looking for funding partners to make the project possible. If you are interested in knowing more, please reach out to Ashley Summers at or 303-480-6746. 

DRCOG lidar products adhere to the U.S. Geological Survey Lidar Base Specification, which outlines requirements for quality, accuracy and minimum deliverables that produce data that integrates with the existing national data set. Project requirements can be expanded to include such things as additional deliverables (for example contours, DSMs, RGB fusion), increased quality levels or enhanced classifications if funding is available.

Visit the Governor’s Office of Information Technology’s website to download past LAS and DEM files. Contours (one foot) can be downloaded from the Regional Data Catalog.