Travel Modeling

The DRCOG travel model, known as Focus, helps local officials, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation District evaluate transportation improvements.  Model forecasts provide data on roadway users, transit riders, and travel patterns across the region.  It also provides data for tailpipe emission modeling to ensure the region conforms to federal air quality regulations.

Focus is an activity-based travel model developed for the Denver region. The model incorporates a wide variety of data about the region's people, businesses, transportation systems, and development patterns to create millions of daily trips across the region.  The trips are then assigned to roadway and transit networks to produce estimates of traffic volumes, transit ridership, and other measures.

Data File Requests

To request data from the Focus travel model, click here.

Model Assigned Traffic Volumes (.pdf maps)
To view model estimated traffic volumes at a local level, download, zoom-in and view the following maps in Adobe:
Requests to Use Model
To request a copy of the Focus travel model, click here.
Current Traffic Counts
Current traffic volumes can be found on the Regional Traffic Count Program page.