Regional Planimetric Data Project

Building images created with planimetrics data

The Regional Planimetric Data Project is a data acquisition endeavor facilitated by DRCOG. This project uses high-resolution imagery captured as part of the Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP) as a reference to digitize features of the built environment. The project typically captures nine features, including:
building roofprint (polygons)
edge of pavement (polygons) 
edge of pavement (lines) 
parking lot (polygons)
sidewalk (polygons)
sidewalk (lines) 
sidewalk ramp (points) 
trail (lines) 
driveway (polygons) 
Regional Planimetric Data Projects immediately follow DRAPP projects, occurring in odd years. 
Past Regional Planimetric Data Project data is available for free public download from DRCOG’s Regional Data Catalog