Board Questions

Directors of our Board are asked to process a lot of information: and that means we're often called upon to answer questions. We're sharing your questions and our answers in the interest of helping other directors who may have similar queries. Have a question you'd like to see answered? Please email

DRCOG's activities fall into three main categories: 

  • As Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), DRCOG ensures existing and future expenditures of funds for transportation projects are based on a collaborative planning process involving local governments and major planning partners such as CDOT and RTD. An MPO is a federally mandated and funded transportation policy-making organization.
  • As Regional Planning Commission per Colorado state statute, DRCOG prepares the plan for the physical development of the region (Metro Vision). Each DRCOG member government implements Metro Vision in ways that complement its local vision and plans.
  • As the federally designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA), DRCOG carries out programs pursuant to the Older Americans Act and Older Coloradans Act, advocating for the rights of seniors in long-term care facilities and distributing funding for programs serving seniors from transportation to meals.  

Audio, video and presentations from each Board meeting are posted within three business days. You can access these materials by going to Event Calendar and choosing the date of the meeting that interests you. You can also access these materials on the Meeting Materials page (under About DRCOG).

The DRCOG Articles of Association govern the organization and items you will be voting on The adoption of regional plans and amendments, changes to the Articles of Association and positions on ballot measures and legislative issues have specific voting requirements. Under most circumstances, each jurisdictions vote is counted the same way regardless of size, but the Articles of Association provide for a weighted vote (populaton and assessed valuation), which may be called for by any director.