Metro Vision

The counties and municipalities of the Denver region have shared a vision for the future of the metro area for more than 60 years. Working together to make life better for our communities and residents, that vison has taken various forms over the years—most recently as a regional plan known as Metro Vision. The DRCOG Board of Directors adopted the first Metro Vision plan (Metro Vision 2020) in 1997, and has continued the dialogue about how best to achieve the plan’s evolving vision ever since.

The DRCOG Board adopted a revised Metro Vision plan in January 2017. Metro Vision guides DRCOG’s work and establishes a shared aspirational vision with our many partners. The region’s priorities are shown from top-level themes that describe the region’s shared vision down to actions that regional partners and local communities can take to move the region toward our desired future.

Metro Vision does not replace the vision of any individual community; rather, it is a tool to promote regional cooperation on issues that extend beyond jurisdictional boundaries. The plan anticipates that individual communities will contribute to Metro Vision outcomes and objectives through different pathways and at different speeds for collective impact.


Metro Vision protects and enhances the region's quality of life.
Metro Vision:
  • is aspirational, long-range and regional in focus
  • offers ideas for local implementation
  • respects local plans
  • encourages communities to work together
  • is dynamic and flexible