2024-2027 TIP Call for Projects - Data Resources

Three people walk in the crosswalk of a busy intersection in Boulder, CO.

This page was used to provide additional data resources for applicants to DRCOG’s TIP Calls for Projects to program the FY2024-2027 TIP. 

When the calls were open, data to assist sponsors filling out applications were available on the DRCOG TIP Datahub.  The datahub contained a web mapping tool to assist project sponsors with spatial analysis questions from the TIP application. Sponsors were able to either upload their own GIS file or draw their project directly within the tool. The user was then able to run an analysis to find specific data attributes within certain distances from their project location.

Additional data that may assist sponsors include:

If sponsors are in need of any other DRCOG data or assistance, please feel free to reach out to DRCOG staff.