Metro Vision Idea Exchange: Green from the ground up - The Sustainable Neighborhood Network

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United States

Thursday, June 3, 2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

  • Idea Exchange
  • The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program provides participating agencies with a model to advance neighborhood climate action and empower residents to create sustainable and resilient communities. By crowd-sourcing the expertise, passion and volunteerism of residents, this program provides a place for innovation and is an effective tool for the implementation of community climate action and sustainability plans. Building on a framework created by the City of Lakewood in 2012, the Sustainable Neighborhood Network continues to expand participation in this unique certification program.

    Join us to learn more about the structure of this award-winning program, some of its success stories, and how your community can join the network! Following the presentations, our panel of speakers will answer all of your questions during a live Q&A. 

    Speakers include: 

    • Alyssa Vogan, Sustainable Neighborhood Network
    • Jonathan Wachtel, City of Lakewood / Creator of the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

    Cities, counties and agencies interested in adopting the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program are encouraged to attend this informational session.

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