Webinar - Continuous, Comprehensive and Cooperative: Engagement strategies from the Denver region

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United States

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 11:30am

  • Idea Exchange
  • Bring the public into your conversation: Continuing, comprehensive and cooperative community engagement is an essential part of planning practice. This webinar will highlight best practices for community engagement from the Denver region. Learn about in-person and online techniques used by local and regional governments designed to increase and sustain public participation. Speakers will focus on engagement strategies for comprehensive, strategic and regional planning and provide insight into approaches to improve communication between local governments and the public when developing and implementing plans.

    Attendees will learn about strategies to engage and inform the public about planning initiatives, hear about engagement and participation trends in the Denver region and discover ways to improve communication with residents at different stages of the planning process — from visioning through implementation.

    Spotlighted Resources:

    Boulder Engagement 101

    A website with resources about best practices and Boulder’s engagement efforts.

    Thornton Tomorrow

    Thornton’s repository of resources and general information about the 2018-2019 comprehensive plan update.

    Lakewood Speaks

    Lakewood developed a site for the public to comment on planning commission and city council meetings at any time, from anywhere.