DRCOG Honors City of Commerce City

The City of Commerce City received a 2018 Metro Vision Award from the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) for its SnowTroopers app. The award was presented at DRCOG’s annual awards celebration on April 25.

SnowTroopers Snow Plow Mapping app allows residents to get real time information after snow events, making it useful to know, for example, whether or not a trip to the grocery store could prove treacherous.

SnowTroopers uses advanced automatic vehicle locating units on each of its 11 plow trucks serving nearly 300 lane miles of roadway. The app monitors its fleet, sending information about truck location, speed and plow status to a web-based database in real time. Residents can also enter an address to determine priority streets for plowing in and around a certain location.

SnowTroppers is an innovative, easy-to-use tool that leverages technology to better support operations and inform the public on safe traveling conditions. With information readily available to those who need it most, Snow Troopers is paving the way for safer and more efficient travel on the roads during inclement weather.

“Commerce City is leveraging the power of technology to bring timely and relevant information to its community,” said Douglas Rex, executive director for DRCOG. “This improves efficiency for travelers and increases safety on our roads.”

DRCOG’s Metro Vision Award program recognizes exemplary projects, plans and initiatives that significantly improve the quality of life in the Denver region and its communities. The regional council has been honoring outstanding achievements for more than 30 years.